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"I started martial arts and combat sport training in 1957, always with intensity and consistency. For a long time I noticed that those who train in the martial arts often limit themselves to one discipline, which many times is due to a lack of knowledge of the other arts. Once you understand and try to master your style, it is always advisable to add another approach. Reading about different martial arts, being a spectator is good step too, but actually trying them is even better. In 2009 I finally decided to organize an annual multi-disciplinary martial arts and combat sport seminar bringing together, at the most, 5 expert and professional renowned instructors from 5 different martial arts. This is what Impact Martial is all about and it takes place exclusively in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Every year Impact Martial provides a venue for martial artists of all ranks and disciplines to interact, train and grow from a very select group of martial art Masters who have proven to be experts in their chosen martial art. Training in different styles gives you a better understanding of your martial art and an insight into other ways, techniques and approaches.
Come and share, meet, learn, improve, understand, train, grow, and progress, all in a secure and respectful environment, that is what Impact Martial is all about.
Learn from the best to be the best."

Master Pascal Serei
Kyoshi 8th dan

Kyoshi Pascal Serei B.A. P.P.S.

Founder of Nintai Ryu Aiki Ju-Jitsu and Impact Martial: Kyoshi 8th Dan

Intensively and continuously practicing martial arts since 1957
AIKI JU-JITSU Black belt  8th dan Kyoshi (World Kobudo Federation)
JU-JITSU Black belt  7th dan Kyoshi (Yudansha Ju-Jitsu Federation)
AIKI JU-JITSU Black belt  7th dan (International Budo Association, Nintai Ryu)
GOSHIN JUTSU Black belt   7th dan (Yoseikan World Federation)
AIKIBUDO Black belt   5th dan (Aikibudo International Federation)
JUDO Black belt 2nd dan (Judo Canada)
AIKIDO Black belt   5th dan (YWF)
KARATE Black belt   2th dan (Shotokan and Yoseikan)
NIHON JU-JITSU Black belt   1st dan (Yoseikan Ryu, Japan)
KOBUDO Black belt   3rd dan (Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu)
Certified instructor level 2, police baton PR24

Certified Kubotan
Certified Extensible Tactical Baton
Certified P.P.C.T. (pressure points)
Certified Black Badge, I.P.S.C. (pistol and revolver)
Certified emergency first aid and C.P.R. (Ambulance St-Jean)
Certified national trainer, theory level 2
Certified Personal Protection Specialist (Executive Protection Institute, Virginia, USA)
Emergency and escape driving training (BSR Raceway, West Virginia, USA)
Certified executive protection specialist (GCL)
Member of the technical board of AAKQ from 1980 to 2000
Gold belt, merit and honor, Quebec 1989, for accomplishment into the development of martial arts
International technical director, Aiki Ju-Jitsu, World Kobudo Federation
Member of  Nine Lives Associates (international association of personal protection specialists)
Member of the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame